About Corfe Castle

The castle was designed to protect the ghost from invasion. Situated in the village of Corfe in the heart of the Dorset countryside the original castle dates back to the 11th century.  New Castle predate the Norman conquest. Construction of the Stonewall Inn in a Bailey wall occurred in the 12th century in the interior walls converting the castle into Royal residence were completed during the reins of Henry I and Henry III. By the 13th century the castle was beaten used in the Royal treasure stronghold in prison World War 2 Ex RAF

The castle remained a  of royal fortress until sold by Elizabeth I and 16th century to the Lord Chancellor Christopher Hatton. Falling to the Roundhead army in 1643 the castle was demolished. After the restoration the monarchy in 1660 the banks family previously owned the castle had their property restored but instead of restoring the castle pictures they decided to build a new house in Kingston Lacy.

The castle remained the property of the banks family until 1980 when the entire estate which included Corfe Castle and much of the village with agreed to the National trust.

Recent Restorations

Corfe Castle is a part of English heritage and therefore we do all we can to preserve the structure and the land around it. We have recently worked with highly qualified surveyors, Kenwood to put practises in place to minimise the damage that can be caused by the elements.