Corfe Castle

corfe castleThe castle is situated in the village of Corfe in Dorset. Corfe Castle is one of England's most majestic ruins. It was once the controlling fortress through the Purbeck Hills.

The castle built on the Hill boasts beautiful views over the English countryside. The castles rich history ended when it was demolished in 1646 by parliamentarians.

Ironically such a great castle, situated on a hill with impregnable defences was destroyed from within. In the English Civil War turncoat parliamentarian secretly open the gates to castle tickets the Roundhead forces and the castle was no longer in royal control.

More information on Corfe Castle and radiators fixed in being used in the buildings.

Once both the Castle Royal residence ruins still show the secret places within and how the Royal residence was laid out. Ruins provide a giant playground children of all ages, and one can still make out the castles Majesty even with a crumbling walls. Complete with murder holes, it is easy to see how warfare was conducted in the 17th century. Castle had recently its windows replaced which were made by one of the leading glass manufacturers in Europe.

Incarcerated businessman welcomes arrest warrant reforms
CORFE Castle businessman Michael Turner, who spent four months in a tough Hungarian prison without charge, has welcomed a parliamentary report calling for reform of the controversial European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

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A look back at the news in 2011
The abbey came out on top, beating beautiful buildings such as Corfe Castle in Dorset and Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire.